Defamation Law

​Publication of false and defamatory content or reviews whether in newspapers, radio or television or on websites, social media and business networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can cause significant harm to both personal and business reputation and financial losses. Stephens Lawyers & Consultants advises both individuals, businesses and corporations in all aspects of defamation law and injurious falsehood. Stephens Lawyers assists clients with:

  • Removal of false and defamatory content or reviews including seeking court orders for removal and to stop further publication.
  • Identifying the individuals involved in the publication false and defamatory content or reviews through the process of court ordered pre-trial discovery or the use of IT forensic experts.
  • Seeking an apology and compensation from the publisher of the false and defamatory material through a dispute resolution process or court proceedings.
  • Developing strategies for managing and responding to reputational damage.
  • Defending defamation claims relying on the defence of truth and other defences available under the Australian Uniform Defamation Law.

Stephens Lawyers also reviews books, scripts, films, advertisements, articles and other material for defamatory and misleading or deceptive content prior to publication. We also work with individuals and organisations in the development and implementation of policies to minimise the risk of actions for defamation or injurious falsehood including vicarious liability actions against companies for communications made by their employees.

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