Owen Pitt LLB. (Hons.), BEng. (Hons.)


Email: [email protected]

Owen Pitt joined Stephens Lawyers & Consultants as a Lawyer in August 2018 and on 1 November, 2023 was made an Associate of the firm.  Prior to joining Stephens Lawyers & Consultants, Owen worked as a consultant at a private business consulting firm, where he assisted companies involved in Engineering, Materials & Manufacturing, I.T., Food Technology and Brewing, to claim the Research and Development Tax Incentive and other government programs such as the Export Market Development Grant.

Owen’s engineering background and consultancy experience in this sector, enables Stephens Lawyers & Consultants to provide expert legal advice and assistance to companies operating in the sector.

Owen is a passionate hockey player and has been a member of his hockey club for over 21 years.